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The Agency for Rehabilitation Assistance & Development of Afghanistan, hereinafter referred as “ARADA” is a non- governmental, non-political, non-profit, humanitarian organization founded and incorporated in 1992. ARADA is actively involved in the specific group categories of activities in according to international and global goals in the fields of:

  • Developmental activities including but not limited to community development, social and economic development, rural rehabilitation, civic engagement

  • Relief programs such as humanitarian assistance, community-based relief, charity programs,

  • Legal and human rights such as human right, women right, child right, advocacy, protection and sheltering, women empowerment, victims of oppression and violent conflict

  • Education programs such as awareness, girls’ education, home based education, vocational skills, capacity building trainings

  • Refugees and IDPs programs such as resettlement services for refugees and displaced persons

ARADA has been established by a group of experienced, professional and dedicated social workers during serious refugee conditions in Peshawar Pakistan in 01st May, 1992, but in 2006 it was legally registered with the ministry of economy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.  

ARADA while expansion had established its regional offices in all of the zones and regions which includes all thirty-four (34) provinces of Afghanistan. Its main office is located in Kabul city (which covers the central regions) and very well connected to its regional office through latest technologies. 

ARADA with more than 30 years of extensive experience of providing humanitarian assistance and successfully implemented the large number of mediums to large scale projects (detail provided below) in all zones, regions and provinces of Afghanistan, and developed and established fruitful relation and networks with the local community to implement the projects in the grass root. In addition, ARADA has an excellent reputation for delivering the humanitarian assistance to the community. ARADA is a member of Afghanistan Civil Society Electoral Network (ACSEN), Afghan Women Network (AWN), ACSONP – Afghan Civil Society Organizations Network for Peace, and with World Association of NGOs, (WANGO).


Capacity building at national, organizational, & community levels, raising public awareness, Promotion of, respect to home and human rights values, enhancing transparency between Afghan people and government, and restore and improve the existing economic resources; while, developing the scales of ordinary inhabitants to higher standards that improve the job market and make people sufficient, so they can feed their families and stay away from insurgent recruiting.

Main Goal:

To support educational achievements, social development, women empowerment, gender, peace and security through social rehabilitation and capacity building approaches, Enhancing transparency between Afghan people & government.

Our Objectives:

  • To conduct essential researched alternatives.

  • To establish Education, Skill & Vocational Trainings,

  • To do Networking with National and International that facilitate Research and Development (R&D) Process in Afghanistan.

  • To conducting scientific and academic research for a wise action and better policy making in all fields require enhancement.

  • To propose, plan, implement, monitor & Evaluate development projects under the light of gaining knowledge from research and studies.

  • To supply as many capacity buildings programs and consultation programs as possible.

  • To conduct baseline studies [community changed behavior] to identify gaps and Felt the needs.

  • To provide basic Health Education and Information training to Women, and Youths for development, Economic Growth and Poverty.

  • To develop, village-survey and produce fact reports i.e., Publications, Handouts etc.

  • To raise Awareness on human rights/women rights & men Home/Community Based services rights, promote and provide

To collaborate with other bodies or agencies promoting research and education.

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